You’ve probably heard lots of people claiming they’ve made £1k, £2k, £3k, £5k or even £10k plus from matched betting…

Not to toot my own horn, but for those that don’t know, I’m a member of the £150k+ club! Wanna learn more? I’ve documented my journey since I started in June 2020, through my Betting Reports.

One way in which people like to share their success in the matched betting world, is to post on different forums, such as or OddsMonkey.

I know everyone either won’t be members of these forums, be interested in scrolling through or just never thought about looking at them. But let me tell you, whilst most of it is waffle from people who don’t really know what they’re doing, but there are some really interesting posts in there.

I decided to go through the Outplayed forum and compile some of my favourite posts, to give some inspiration from other people who are matched betting.

I’ve already put together my list of favourites from the £1k club – you can see it here.

Disclaimer: I have given each person a nickname, rather than using their actual username – just for privacy reasons as this is for inspiration, not a display case of successful bettors.

Anyway, let’s get into some of the posts I found in the £3k club…

user r

£3k club member:

So just crept into this club a few days ago after starting late November 2021. This joy (and I am very happy about it!!) has been tempered by gubbings in the last fortnight from 888, William Hill and Sky so am beginning to run out of bookies for my normal Bet & get and refund offers. Have started to tentatively try some casino offers but only really playing ladbrokes roulette and betfair £10 for spins daily ones which has given me £34 profit against EV £84 so far from 51 offers. I know that isn’t going to be enough daily offers to make casino a worthwhile thing for me at the moment – anyone got any other daily reload casino offers they would recommend for a nervous beginner to add to these two??

Betting – £1930.29
Casino – £701.48
Free Games – £373.91
TOTAL – £3005.68

Big Wins:
  • It only took around 6 months to hit the £3k club
  • Used a variety of tactics, from betting to casino offers
  • Engaging in community and asking for advice – can be a gamechanger

Tips To Get To £5k Club:

  • Learn about arbing to maximise the restricted accounts
  • Play around with some more casino offers
  • Invest in BetBurger software
user G

£3k club member:

I’m in the 3K club, having started just under six months ago. I’m still doing mostly reloads and racing refunds, have yet to try EPs.

Gubbed by the usual suspects (Betway, Mansion, Virgin, Livescore etc) lost BFSB very quickly (couldn’t resist those boosts) and was just recently semi-gubbed by Sky though they very kindly gave me a week’s notice so I was able to fill my boots!

I am doing low-risk casino offers as they are profitable but I still dislike them. Who would do slots for fun? I think what makes me uncomfortable is that slots are designed to be as addictive as possible yet look like a kiddies’ sweetshop. I’ve never used gambling sites before MBing and luckily don’t have a particularly addictive personality, but it’s been an eye-opener and I can see how casino could lead some down the rabbit hole of ruin.

I have tried to explain matched betting to my partner and a couple of friends but have been met with a surprising amount of resistance – they just don’t (or won’t) get it, which is a shame.

One unexpected side effect of MBing though – I have become quite interested in football! Who knew?

Big Wins:
  • Hit the £3k club in less than 6 months
  • Never used any gambling sites before starting matched betting
  • Found a new hobby – watching the football!

Tips To Get To £5k Club:

  • Learn about arbing to maximise the restricted accounts
  • Don’t let personal feelings/finding things boring like casino stop you from making ££
  • Engage more with the matched betting online community – not only will you pick up tips and tricks but meet some like minded people, instead of those around you!
user s

£3k club member:

Hit the £3K mark yesterday (£3009.48). Can’t believe it. Started at the end of November hoping I’d make a few hundred and a few months later, I’ve got a few thousand! Nearly all is from reloads as I can’t get my head around 2up and on the rare occasion I dipped my toes into casino stuff, they got bitten off 🙂 Lost a few accounts on the way but still plenty of opportunity out there. Some great advice on this site and the forums provide loads of info, so thanks to all. Onwards and upwards.

Big Wins:
  • Hit the £1k club within 2 months – mind blowing!
  • Great use of reloads offers
  • Active member of the community

Tips To Get To £5k Club:

  • Do some more research on other offers, 2up can be a great addition to your strategies
  • Learn about arbing to maximise the restricted accounts
  • Invest in BetBurger software

So there you have it, some of my favourite success stories (besides my own). As I see more, I’ll add them to this post – just to keep things interesting!

If you are interested to see how long it took me to become a member of the £3k club, you can see my Betting Reports. But for the nosey amongst you… It was 6 months!