You’ve probably heard lots of people claiming they’ve made £1k, £2k, £3k, £5k or even £10k plus from matched betting…

Not to toot my own horn, but for those that don’t know, I’m a member of the £150k+ club! Wanna learn more? I’ve documented my journey since I started in June 2020, through my Betting Reports.

One way in which people like to share their success in the matched betting world, is to post on different forums, such as or OddsMonkey.

I know everyone either won’t be members of these forums, be interested in scrolling through or just never thought about looking at them. But let me tell you, whilst most of it is waffle from people who don’t really know what they’re doing, but there are some really interesting posts in there.

I decided to go through the Outplayed forum and compile some of my favourite posts, to give some inspiration from other people who are matched betting.

Disclaimer: I have given each person a nickname, rather than using their actual username – just for privacy reasons as this is for inspiration, not a display case of successful bettors.

Anyway, let’s get into some of the posts I found in the £1k club…

user j

£1k club member:

80 days since starting the trial, and about 400 bets later, I’ve just smashed the £1k barrier! Started with £500 bank roll, and had never placed a bet or had any interest in sports before.

Big Wins:
  • Started with only £500
  • Made £1,000 in less than 3 months
  • No previous knowledge in sports or betting

Tips To Get To £2k Club:

  • Start dabbling in casino offers
  • Invest in BetBurger software
user Tlc

£1k club member:

Made the £1k club today after 21 days. Done pretty much all of the sports sign-ups apart from the last few more long-winded ones, and a bunch of the casino sign-ups too. Had a couple of big wins on bingo in the last 24 hours which helped me get over the line.

I’ve started working on extra places and horse refunds now. Early days but I’ve had a bit is success so far.

Big Wins:
  • £1k in 21 days – mind blowing!
  • Already dabbling in casino offers
  • Diversifying strategies such as extra places, already

Tips To Get To £2k Club:

  • Invest in BetBurger software – this helped me double my profits and someone this switched on would be silly not to use it!
  • Continue diversifying and learning new strategies
  • Continue to utilise casino offers
user js

£1k club member:

Joined 1st march and made £816 in my first month. Working through the casino and just won, wagered and withdrew profit £667 from the first Gala offer. I AM SPARTAN haha still buzzing and safely into the £1k club and now 50% to the 3k club. 😎 thank you PA

Big Wins:
  • Made over £800 in their first month matched betting
  • Hit the £1k club within 2 months
  • Maximising casino offers

Tips To Get To £3k Club:

  • Diversify strategies, using things like casino, extra place betting, etc.
  • Continue to learn/do research
  • Invest in BetBurger software
user T

£1k club member:

75 days today, sign ups, bet boosts and bet & gets. Could of made a lot more tbh but a bit restricted with some bookies as I’m having to use VPN’s 🙂 Overall happy! And a good online community with PA, so thank you 🙂

Big Wins:
  • Made £1,000 in only 75 days
  • Engaging with the online community
  • Hit £1k with use o VPN’s – a lot of bookies don’t like this!

Tips To Get To £2k Club:

  • Stop using VPN’s or learn which bookies won’t pick up on them
  • Learn about arbing to maximise the restricted accounts
  • Invest in BetBurger software

So there you have it, some of my favourite success stories (besides my own). As I see more, I’ll add them to this post – just to keep things interesting!

If you are interested to see how long it took me to become a member of the £1k club, you can see my Betting Reports. But for the nosey amongst you… It was 3 months!