You’ve probably heard lots of people claiming they’ve made £1k, £2k, £3k, £5k or even £10k plus from matched betting…

Not to toot my own horn, but for those that don’t know, I’m a member of the £150k+ club! Wanna learn more? I’ve documented my journey since I started in June 2020, through my Betting Reports.

One way in which people like to share their success in the matched betting world, is to post on different forums, such as or OddsMonkey.

I know everyone either won’t be members of these forums, be interested in scrolling through or just never thought about looking at them. But let me tell you, whilst most of it is waffle from people who don’t really know what they’re doing, but there are some really interesting posts in there.

I decided to go through the Outplayed forum and compile some of my favourite posts, to give some inspiration from other people who are matched betting.

I’ve already put together my list of favourites from the £1k club, 3k club and 5k club.

Disclaimer: I have given each person a nickname, rather than using their actual username – just for privacy reasons as this is for inspiration, not a display case of successful bettors.

Anyway, let’s get into some of the posts I found in the £10k club…

user SMG

£10k club member:

Hit 10k a few days ago after exactly 13 months which is brilliant – it meant my wife could delay going back to work after Maternity Leave as it was like having a second income.

Pretty much only 1 set of accounts. Gubbed from a lot but still feel like there is a steady source of money to be made.

I don’t do EPs as I don’t have the time. Don’t do 2 UPs either for the same reason and not a great deal of horse refunds either – maybe a couple per week max. I have done next to no Casino so will look at them at some stage over the next year. I have made most through Bet & Gets, Price Boosts especially and the last few months through Accas. Over the last few months Kwiff has been my favourite bookie because of the Supercharge – I might need to write a guide on them and what I’ve found but they have without doubt been my most lucrative bookie over the past few months.

Here’s to the next 10k even though it might take me a bit longer this time.

Big Wins:
  • It only took around 13 months to hit the £10k club
  • Able to delay wife going back to work after maternity leave
  • Earned from only 1 set of accounts

Tips To Get To £25k Club:

  • Learn about how to maximise the gubbed accounts
  • Try to find some time to play around with 2ups and EP’s – they can be good earners
  • Play around with some casino offers
user t

£10k club member:

Finally caught up with my accounting after Ascot and pleased to say that I have now hit the 10K club, which was my first target after registering here and verifying that PA actually worked (Yes I was a skeptic, sorry!).

It’s taken me 2 years with a couple of months off here and there, most of my profits have come from signups, bet and gets and casino. I am yet to fully master EP’s but I did have some success during Ascot and I think I now have it figured out.

This system has been a life saver for me personally, Dad of four, lost my job just before Covid struck (worked for a care agency that was put out of business by a corrupt council, the irony being they were desperate for carers once Covid struck) and a full time carer for my wife.

I am so glad I found this system and I am so grateful to the team behind it, especially the mods that help us with our questions, as well as the community for posting their boosts and tips.

Big thank you to you all!

Big Wins:
  • Matched betting was able to provide an income to support his family
  • Utilised and engaged with Profit Accumulators online community
  • Explored both matched betting and casino offers

Tips To Get To £25k Club:

  • Continue to experiment with different strategies
  • Invest in BetBurger software to help maximise betting profits
  • Learn about arbing in preparation for any account gubbings/restrictions
user ts

£10k club member:

I’ve just done a reconciliation after the weekend and discovered that I’ve finally limped over the £10k line after a little over 3 years.

It’s not been easy and I only do any matched betting during work hours as I’m not allowed to let it interfere with family time. I’ve therefore not been able to get into 2UPs and EPs like I’d like to and obviously miss most weekends.

I only have 1 set of accounts and have been gubbed by far too many bookies, but I’ve hopefully learnt enough that I am now able to work smarter with my time and continue to make regular money.
All the free daily games and spins are a nice little earner overall and good to keep the till ticking!

My biggest earner each year so far has resulted in a gubbing or the closing of the bookie (BetBull last year), so I keep having to move on to new things. Still enjoying it all and getting involved with the forum, though. I just wish we didn’t have to pay double to get the casino offers, as I feel I’m going to have to start transitioning soon as the bookies slowly dry up.

Big Wins:
  • Able to join the £10k club when just matched betting in work hours
  • Being open to trying new strategies when old ones change or accounts are gubbed – great mindset!
  • Enjoying the process of matched betting

Tips To Get To £25k Club:

  • Try to find a little more time to spend matched betting – a couple of extra hours a week could really add up, especially during big events
  • Learn more about arbing to try to maximise profits on the restricted accounts
  • Invest in BetBurger software to help maximise betting profits

So there you have it, some of my favourite success stories (besides my own). As I see more, I’ll add them to this post – just to keep things interesting!

If you are interested to see how long it took me to become a member of the £10k club, you can see my Betting Reports. But for the nosey amongst you… It was 10 months!

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