Smarkets and Betfair are prominent platforms in the matched betting world. I often get asked which one I would recommend over the other, so let’s discuss distinct differences between the two.

Let’s get into it…

are prominent platforms in the matched betting world. I often get asked which one I would recommend over the other, so let’s discuss distinct differences between the two.

Let’s get into it…


Smarkets Pros

  • Low Commission
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Competitive Odds
  • Trading Functionality

Smarkets Cons

  • Limited Market Coverage
  • Smaller User Base
  • Fewer Promotions


Low Commission: Smarkets prides itself on its low commission rates. Compared to traditional bookmakers, their commission charges are significantly lower, making it an attractive option for bettors looking for value.

User-Friendly Interface: Smarkets offers a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and place bets quickly. The platform’s design emphasizes simplicity and efficiency, ensuring a seamless betting experience.

Competitive Odds: Smarkets strives to provide competitive odds, ensuring that bettors have access to favorable prices. This focus on competitive pricing makes it appealing to those who seek value in their bets.

Trading Functionality: One of Smarkets’ unique features is the ability to trade on their platform. This means users can back or lay bets in real-time, allowing for greater flexibility and potentially locking in profits before an event concludes.


Limited Market Coverage: Although Smarkets covers major sports events and popular betting markets, their coverage might be relatively limited compared to Betfair. If you’re looking for more niche or obscure betting options, you might find Betfair to be a better choice.

Smaller User Base: Smarkets, while gaining popularity, still have a smaller user base compared to Betfair. This might affect liquidity and potentially lead to slower trades in some markets.

Fewer Promotions: Smarkets offers fewer promotional offers and bonuses compared to some of its competitors, including Betfair. If you enjoy taking advantage of regular promotions, this might be a downside.


Betfair Pros

  • Extensive Market Coverage
  • Established Reputation
  • Enhanced Liquidity
  • Generous Promotions

Betfair Cons

  • Higher Commission Charges
  • Complex Interface
  • More Competitive Markets


Extensive Market Coverage: Betfair is renowned for its vast selection of betting markets, covering a wide range of sports, events, and even non-sporting activities. This broad coverage appeals to bettors who seek diverse options beyond the mainstream.

Established Reputation: With years of experience in the industry, Betfair has established itself as a trusted and reliable platform. Its long-standing reputation instills confidence in users, particularly those who value a track record of reliability.

Enhanced Liquidity: Betfair’s large user base contributes to its high liquidity, ensuring that you can find matches for your bets more easily. This increased liquidity minimizes the risk of encountering limited options or delays in placing wagers.

Generous Promotions: Betfair offers a range of attractive promotions, including welcome bonuses, enhanced odds, and cashback offers. These regular promotions add value to your betting experience and can boost your potential returns.


Higher Commission Charges: Betfair operates on a tiered commission structure, and while it may vary depending on your betting activity, the overall commission rates tend to be higher compared to Smarkets. This might impact your long-term profitability, especially for high-volume bettors.

Complex Interface: Betfair’s interface can be overwhelming for newcomers due to its extensive features and trading options. It may take some time to become familiar with the platform’s functionalities and fully utilize its advanced features.

More Competitive Markets: Due to its popularity, Betfair attracts many experienced bettors and traders. This means that some markets may be highly competitive, making it challenging to find favorable odds or opportunities for value bets.

Choosing between Smarkets and Betfair ultimately depends on your personal preferences and priorities as a bettor. 

If you’re looking for low commission rates, a user-friendly interface, and a focus on competitive odds then go for Smarkets. But if you’re looking for a site with extensive market coverage, established reputation, enhanced liquidity, and generous promotions then Betfair is for you.


These are my personal opinions.