To ensure you stay organised and keep track of your earnings, it’s essential to have a reliable system in place. A matched betting spreadsheet is a valuable tool that allows you to monitor your bets, calculate profits, and keep a record of your overall success.

In this blog post, I will guide you through the process of creating and using a matched betting spreadsheet to effectively track your profits and maximise your earnings. 

However, for the ones here that cannot be asked to make their own, I have been an absolute legend and made one you can make a copy of. Find it here. [LINK TO DOC OR EMAIL SIGN UP?]

For those who’d like to make one. Let’s get into it…

Step 1: Set Up Your Spreadsheet

Start by creating a new spreadsheet in your preferred software. I’d always recommend Google Sheets, but if you’re a Microsoft Excel lover – no judgement here.

Create columns for essential information, including the date of the bet, bookmaker/casino name, offer details, qualifying bet stake, qualifying bet outcome, free bet stake, free bet outcome, and profit/loss. You can also include additional columns for notes or any other relevant data you wish to track.

Step 2: Enter Your Bets & Offers

Once your spreadsheet is set up, start entering your bets and offers. Begin with the qualifying bet, including the stake, odds, and outcome. Next, input the details of the corresponding free bet, including the stake, odds, and outcome. If there are any specific terms or requirements for each offer, make sure to note them down for future reference.

Step 3: Calculate Profits

Use formulas in your spreadsheet to automatically calculate your profits. For the qualifying bet, subtract the lay liability from the back stake to determine your qualifying loss or profit. For the free bet, subtract the lay liability from the potential winnings to calculate your free bet profit. By using formulas, you can easily track your overall profit/loss for each offer and keep a running total of your matched betting earnings.


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Step 4: Monitor Your Bankroll

Include a section in your spreadsheet to track your bankroll. Start with an initial bankroll amount and update it after each bet, reflecting any profit or loss. This will help you monitor your overall bankroll growth and maintain proper bankroll management.

Step 5: Record Bookmaker/Casino Balances

Keep a separate tab or section in your spreadsheet to record the balances of your bookmaker and casino accounts. This will allow you to keep track of your available funds and ensure you have sufficient funds for future offers.

Step 6: Analyse & Review

Regularly review your matched betting spreadsheet to analyse your performance and identify any areas for improvement. Look for patterns, trends, and opportunities to optimise your strategies. By evaluating your results, you can refine your approach and increase your profitability over time.

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Step 7: Back Up Your Spreadsheet

Ensure you regularly back up your matched betting spreadsheet to prevent data loss. Consider saving a copy in cloud storage or on an external device to safeguard your records.

If you made it here and are going to create your own spreadsheet, you are a trooper! For those that adopted the ‘work smarter, not harder’ approach – we are one and the same.

Tracking your matched betting profits is crucial for maintaining organisation and maximising your earnings. Effectively monitor your bets, calculate profits, and keep a comprehensive record of your success. 

Happy Matched Betting!