How Much Money Can You Make with Matched Betting

How much money can you make with matched betting? Probably the most common question I’ve been asked since I started in 2020. Now the answer to this will depend on a few factors (explained below). But to give you a rough answer, I’d say you can earn between £500 and £100 in your first 3 months, easily!!

Now, it wouldn’t be a Matched Betting Hustle post without a humble brag and an upfront answer. How much did I make in my first 3 months? £1,019.69. How much have I earned to date? I give a full breakdown on my betting reports here, but it’s over 6-figures (and it’s tax-free).

So, here are the factors that will impact your earnings?

Time & Effort:

First and foremost, the time and effort you can dedicate to matched betting will play a significant role in determining your earnings (as with most things). Success in matched betting requires thorough research, understanding of the offers/odds, and careful execution of bets. The more time and effort you spend on finding and utilising bookmakers’ offers, the higher your potential earnings. 

An example of time spent this month while writing this, I spent 10 hours Monday to Friday, and 12 hours Saturday and Sunday. So that’s 22 hours and I earnt £1200.

If I was to do this full time I could potentially earn more. 

Is it worth adding a cheeky comment like ‘if you wanna rig the system slightly you can join a group and let others do the hard work for you work smarter not harder. then link to discord?

Starting Bankroll:

The size of your starting bankroll will also impact your potential earnings. A larger bankroll allows you to participate in multiple offers simultaneously, thereby increasing your overall profits. However, when you’re starting out I’d recommend that you only use money that you can afford to set aside for matched betting.

Profit Margins:

By design, matched betting can guarantee a profit by covering all possible outcomes of a particular event. The profit margins typically range from 70% to 90% of the value of the free bet or promotion being utilised. This means that for every £100 free bet, you can expect to make around £70 to £90 in profit.

Bookmakers’ Restrictions: 

Some bookmakers may impose restrictions or limitations on matched bettors, such as stake limits or account closures. These restrictions can impact the number of offers you can access and, consequently, your earnings.

When I see I’ve been restricted it feels like a kick in the nuts. It does depend on the restriction though as some accounts you can arb them until they are completely dead. See more here on how I make the most of gubbed accounts.

Individual Circumstances: 

Everyone’s experience with matched betting may vary based on factors such as location, availability of bookmakers, and personal discipline in following strategies. It’s essential to adapt to your unique circumstances and make informed decisions accordingly.


As with everything, matched betting is not immune to variance, which refers to the natural fluctuations in outcomes. While the strategy is designed to minimise risk, there may be occasions when unexpected results can affect your profits. It’s important to approach matched betting with a long-term perspective.

Well done if you’ve made it to the end of this post. Yes, some of those topics are boring but once you’re aware of the factors working against you, it’ll allow you to make as much money as possible with matched betting.

With everything, rules and strategies are constantly evolving. To stay on top of this, I’d recommend joining online communities wherever possible. Now my personal favourite is this discord group. However, I’ve created an entire list of the top communities I recommend here. 

Good luck my fellow matched betters, I can’t wait to hear about your successes!


These are just my opinions, based on my experience. Please do your research and fully understand the concept before starting matched betting.