Get better at matched betting

Ok so you’ve started matched betting and I’m assuming you’ve done all the welcome offers to get a bit of a bank roll going.

Now what?

Well I’ll cover a list of ideas that you can do to move to the next step.

Additional Accounts

Basically for the rest of the strategies below your number 1 matched betting earner is most likely going to be aquiring additional accounts.

Imagine being able to do the welcome offers every month, that would be a decent extra amount! For that you would need to have access to 12 people who would let them do it for you.

In the matched betting world this is a bit of a taboo topic. They won’t let you talk about it at oddsmonkey, but you’ll pick up bits and peices on the forum where people say that have access to extra accounts.

Having additional accounts also helps when you eventually get gubbed or stake restricted on your own set of accounts as you can keep doing offers.

If you want to learn more about additional accounts you can read more here.


  • Potentially higher betting profits
  • Welcome offers can be done again
  • Keeps matched betting alive


  • Could get funds confiscated
  • Money could get stolen
My thoughts

Fortune favours the brave! It would be difficult to do matched betting just by yourself


Now casino isn’t something I haven’t dabbled in to much, but when you read the success stories section a vast majority of people are making bank doing casino offers.

I will be getting more involved with casino going forward from August 2023 so it will be interesting what the betting profits will end up as.

The downside with casino?

You could be tempted to gamble it away on extra spins. On outplayed there is a thread on the forum for people to talk about mistakes where they stop doing the matched betting way and just gamble. It is nearly always on casino.

For some reason I haven’t had that problem. I think casino is weird on the spin side of things, and haven’t had the urge to chase losses. Maybe that will change as I get more into it and could give you guys some help on how to overcome that issue, but at the minute my best advice is if you do casino, to just stick to the guidelines, and never extra spin.


  • Is an extra source of profits
  • Can be enjoyable if disciplined
  • Can automate casino


  • Potential high risk of losing money
  • Could get addicted and spin your profits away
My thoughts

I’m going to focus on casino for a year as I think I’ve been missing out after reading all the success stories


Ok for arbing, you will find some accounts you never get any reload offers, so it’s kind of just sitting there doing nothing.

I would then arb the living daylights out of these bookies. Say around £100 – £400 per bet. Some may go higher than that but that is what I would stick to.

To find these arbs I would use the standard oddsmatcher.

The arbing thread is very helpful as well as you can see what current members are arbing bookie wise and you can then copy that. I would also start at the very first post and read all the way down as you will find some really good members posted random bookies that were good to arb, then those guys left so the ‘bookies’ got forgotten about, but you can still smash those bookies. So that’s a pretty decent tip right there!


  • Profits add up quick
  • It is fun arbing


  • Requires a biggish bank (3k minimum I’d say)
  • Could get bets void
  • Accounts will go quicker
My thoughts

Arb accounts that you haven’t used for a while. Might as well.

Each Way Arbing

Ok each way arbing is a little different to arbing above when you are just arbing the extra place market of horse racing.

This video here is the one I found to figure out each way arbing. I would watch that to understand it, as basically if I type it out, you’ll get bored. It needs to be a video training really.

Now I did this a lot in the early days, and it is a good way to get some extra betting profit. But I would probably say extra places would be the better way to go now.

Not that I’ve done many! I’m still new to them as well really!


  • Profits add up quick like arbing
  • Helps you get into Extra Places


  • Requires a biggish bank (3k minimum I’d say)
  • Accounts will go quicker
My thoughts

Worth trying on a few accounts, but I think extra places is better to do now

Extra places

Hmm how best to describe this strategy. It probably needs a video, but we’ll give it a go.

What you do for extra places is back and lay and each way bet like normal, usually for a qualifying loss, but you profit from the horse landing in the extra place.

In the screenshot below you can see you would get £29.47 if the horse landed in the ‘extra place’

Now this isn’t a good offer as the implied odds are 7.5. Ideally you want 20 io or more, you also only want ideally a £2 QL for £100 profit or so.

To do extra places as a start you would use the matcher on oddsmonkey. The pros then manually look for the best odds.

I’ve only really done eps at festivals but when I did them it was always profitable.


  • Can be a main money earner
  • See first point


  • Accounts can go quick
  • Need to focus intensely for the afternoon
My thoughts

When I go full time I would be focusing on this as one of the main strategies

Price Boosts

Now this is something you are probably doing already, but if not, then price boosts are another good strategy to do.

I probably wouldn’t call it an advanced strategy, but every little helps.

With price boosts these usually end being arbs where we can lay off for a profit. I do a lot of these and they are good way to make some extra betting profit.

One thing with these though I would wait about 2 months after signing up as I noticed when I didn’t do price boosts straight away accounts seemed to last longer.


  • Profit adds up (not as much as the other strategies)
  • Easy to do


  • Could get gubbed quicker than free bets (not as bad as the other strategies)
My thoughts

Price boosts are a good way to build the betting bank


Not a lot of people seem to do dutching. I found out about dutching from reading all the history of the arbing thread.

So with dutching you would place bets between bookies instead of against the exchange. This is basically markets that you wouldn’t find on the exchange.


  • Profits can add up quick
  • See point 1 lol


  • Hard to find the markets and bookmakers to dutch
  • Some bookmakers can gub quick
My thoughts

If you read through the arbing thread history you should be able to pick up what dutches you can do.


So there we have it. A list of advanced strategies that you can choose from. I’ve done pretty much all of these to add to the betting profits.

The next steps I would take to going to the next level would be to join my discord group. There will be lots of tips and tricks on the intricate details of the advanced strategies there.