The Intro …

Yay, a better month than last month! Footballs back! I was a little worried last month, but that’s to be expected as football is one of the main things for Matched Betting.

Alrighty, lets get into it!

Personal Stats: Aug 2021

  • No job
  • Matched betting full time
  • Bankroll: £20,000 +
  • Pets: 6
  • Software: Outplayed (review here)

August 2021: Strategy 1 – Bet and Gets

Ok same old, Paddy Power and Betfair were the main bet and gets this month. It was funny that this time last year Coral was the biggest bet and get provider, and then bet and gets died down a bit.

August 2021: Strategy 2 – Each way arbing

Still a couple of each way arbs and if you read lower, we had a nice little extra for the month!

August 2021: Strategy 3 – Sign up offers

A few new sign ups for this month which helped boost the old betting profit.

August 2021: Strategy 4 – Price Boosts

Skybet had some decent boosts this month which was nice. And then the usual William Hill and Paddy Power was thrown in there.

I reckon 30 – 40% again was price boosts. Mostly on horses.

August 2021: Strategy 5 – Dutching

Looking through the spreadsheet I couldn’t see any dutching opportunites that I had done, so I guess I didn’t do for that this month. Weird.

August 2021: Additional Boost

An extra £800 betting profit was made this month due to a standards enquiry. So I had lumped on a horse for each way arbing, think I made about bit £40 or £50 for the each way arb which was pretty decent. Then the race went off, finished, and then I saw smarkets went a bit haywire and the outplayed chat went off on the forum. I had no idea what was going on lol, then I heard about a ‘stewards enquiry’ looked it up, and got all excited.

So basically a stewards enquiry is where they reverse the winner, basically cos the one in the front blocked the other one behind.

And lucky for me it did. With that reversal the bet won at the bookies, and then ‘lost’ at smarkets so the money came back. That was an extra £800.


Ok let’s break down the stats.

For the month of August 2021 a betting total of £2,671.61 was made.

The Betting Total from the starting point of 17th June 2023 is £26,876.27

So a nice bit extra with the stewards enquiry, and luckily this month was better than last month. So we’re back in action with football, let’s see where next month brings us.