The Intro …

2nd highest month. Complete madness at how crazy this matched betting world is.

One year on from quitting my job, not sure what I was going to do, yet here I am and doing ok on the betting profit front. I’m so chuffed that it’s still working!

I think that’s enough of an intro,

Let’s get into it!

Personal Stats: Nov 2021

  • No job
  • Matched betting full time
  • Bankroll: £20,000+
  • Pets: 7
  • Software: Outplayed (review here)

Strategy 1 – Bet and Gets

Looks like 888 Sport was useful for some Champion league games .

We also had Betfred, and Paddy.

Strategy 2 – Each way arbing

Can’t see any each way arbing going on this month. Not to sure why I didn’t do any. I think it was possible I wanted to try and keep accounts so I decided not to do it.

Strategy 3 – Sign up offers

More sign ups done again, handy when you can do them all over again!

Strategy 4 – Price Boosts

Price boosts seems to be the big hitter for this month. Kept getting on them making £4 to £15, and they all added up for a decent amount.

Strategy 5 – Dutching

Can’t see any dutches for this month. I don’t really do much decent account keeping, so no idea why I didn’t do any. Not very helpful that is it!

Strategy 6 – Arbing

Alrighty, so I seem to have done a number of arbs over the month on dead accounts, clawing £1 here and £50p there. I was using the oddsmatcher to find these arbs.

Some of them would have been on football and others would have been on horses in the last 2 minutes from the off when some bookies would be slow to cut horses steaming in.

Strategy 7 – Casino

Ok I can see I have been doing a few easy casino offers.

Heart Bingo had a sign up offer where you got 200 free spins at 20p each, so like £35ev. I smashed through those and that was a good evening getting on them. Annoyingly they soon slashed that offer and you now have a basic one.


Checking in on the stats.

For the month of November 2021 a betting total of £4,832.74 was made.

The Betting Total from the starting point of 17th June 2020 is £42,515.22

So we had last month which was a mind blowing amount, and we had another cracking month this month.

I have to keep rubbing my eyes and pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. That sounded really panzy there lol, but it is crazy how much can be made.

In other news I’m still looking for jobs, and that is depressing. Just reading that you’ve got to sit there for 40 hours a week when I could be doing matched betting is well annoying, but hey ho, I need to get a mortgage and move out!

See you in the next one.