The Intro …

I’m on my own.

No need to get up. No boss to worry about. No dipsh*t customers whinging in the background. No more getting disgruntled with work colleagues. It’s just me, a weird experience.

Let’s break down the personal stats.

Personal Stats: Nov 2020

  • No job (panic!)
  • Matched betting full time
  • Bankroll: £2,100
  • Pets: 1
  • Software: Outplayed (review here)

Same stats as before, but with a twist, it was quitting time.

I also got a new pet …. interesting …

Side Note: I’m loving looking back at these reports as I write this in June 2023. It’s bringing back all sorts of memories.

Let’s get into it!

The month with no job

It was pretty weird waking up with no urgency. A bit like being on holiday for two weeks, you soon get used to it.

However, I still had the little problem of money, and aside from matched betting, nothing else was coming in.

When I quit my job I had this idea in the back of my mind of selling mini sites to other tradesmen, but quite frankly, I wasn’t really interested with that as I procrastinated and just read the matched betting forums, and really only focused on doing the matched betting.

Luckily for me, it worked out. Something I had no idea would work out. It’s funny when this does work out, as in 2023 it’s doing quite well! However, if you remember when I quit my electrical business, those 4 years were a complete waste of time really. Funny how it goes.

So with the above out and in the open, let’s move onto the weeks.

November 2020: Week 1

This is a quick screenshot of the last day of 7/11/2020. The 1st of November 2020 was a Sunday and the 7th November 2020 was a Saturday.

With a betting total of £112.21 made in the first week, we are off to a flying start.

I’ve looked back at this week, and there was nothing extra special about it. It just seemed like there was more bet and get offers done.

November 2020: Week 2

This is a quick screenshot of the last day of 14/10/2020. The 8th of November 2020 was a Sunday and the 14th November 2020 was a Saturday.

I really can’t remember what this Kwiff offer I was doing, but it seems to have helped the total.

Lots of bet and gets and we’re doing pretty decent for the second week.

November 2020: Week 3

This is a quick screenshot of the last day of 21/11/2020. The 15th of November 2020 was a Sunday and the 21st November 2020 was a Saturday.

Same old strategies used. If you’ve seen the Betting Report chart with the Betting Total at the top and wondering how it’s going to get there … you might as well see it in the conclusion.

November 2020: Week 4 & 5

Now in terms of photos, there will be sporadic photos. More to explain in the conclusion.

In other news it looks like I started to do Buzz Bingo with a free spin wheel, that was pretty fun while that lasted. I think Buzz Bingo lasted about 3 months? I would login, spin the free wheel and see if I got any free spins.

Ok thought I would actually find out when I was doing the free spin offer and I’ve gone to the Betting Tracker and this is what I made.

So it looks like it was the 29th when I got gubbed by them. Not to bad tho £90, £60 would have been from the free spins.


Ok let’s find out the betting total, and explain further in the conclusion.

For the month of November 2020 a betting total of £883.02 was made.

The Betting Total from the starting point of 17th June 2023 is £3,045.02

So why the big jump?

Well, it’s basically, one might have access to other sets, potentially. Then, potentially, sign ups can be redone.

I’ve got a little screenshot here of something.

Now that’s a cool little photo.

If you want to learn more about that, you can read more here.

Ok so back to the conclusion. What a decent betting total amount! Proper chuffed with that. Almost made my minimum wage job, which I think was around £1200 a month.

Let’s see what next month brings.