The Intro …

Cheltnham! The week every matched better loves to see. Personally I prefer a World Cup! Anyway, as mentioned last month, I had the Thursday and Friday off for the Cheltnham week, which I’m glad I took off as you can see from the results.

I think this month I was struggling a bit to eek out the betting profits, I had to really scour the betting forums to try and peice together some more ideas, which I did find.

That’s enough waffle.

Let’s get into it!

Personal Stats: March 2022

  • Working Full Time
  • Matched betting part time
  • Bankroll: £20,000+
  • Pets: 8
  • Software: Outplayed (review here)

Strategy 1 – Bet and Gets

Ok, some decent bet and gets this month. I got a Party Poker £50 Bet and Get, Betbull were throwing out bet £25 get £25 free bet, and then you had the usualy bet and gets like Betfred and Paddy Power.

Then we had Cheltham were I got a lot of nice £20 and £50 free bets thrown my way. Bet and gets are the easiest when they come your way!

Strategy 2 – Each way arbing

Doesn’t look like I did any each way arbing this month. Basically just did the extra places at Cheltnham.

Strategy 3 – Sign up offers

Can’t see that I did any sign up offers, so pretty decent to rely on everything else here.

Strategy 4 – Price Boosts

Oh yeah these juicy price boosts are doing well. Love doing these.

Strategy 5 – Dutching

A few dutches this month to add to the betting profit.

Strategy 6 – Arbing

Still arbing for the £1. Also with Chelnham there were a couple of slow bookies so managed to make £10 – £20 arbs betting £100 on a horse to win.

Strategy 7 – Casino

Betbull was smashing it this month, had a number of 30 Free Spins that I did. Really miss those guys! Aside from that, not much done with Casino.


  • Day 1 – Tuesday: £264.88
  • Day 2 – Wednesday £73.70
  • Day 3 – Thursday £520.39
  • Day 4 – Friday £471.37

So Day 1 Tuesday there was some Skybet cashbacks that I managed to get on first thing in the morning before I left for work. Betvictor was nice and I had a £50 free bet plus a £20 free bet. I did a couple of fat arbs (one for £17) and then some boosts. Pretty good day

Day 2 Wednesday, this was a little slower, only really did boosts for that day.

Day 3 Thursday. OK here the big profits come out on this one. For this day I was doing extra places and managed about £300 from that. I had a William Hill £50 free bet, Betvictor £20 Free bet, Betfair £20 Free Bet, boosts, arbs, and horse cashback offers. Smashing day!

Day 4 Friday. Another good one. I did Unibet 15 to go on this day. This is where you get a free bet if your horse wins (I think) I didn’t realise this offer was on, so I missed out on Thursday (doh!) I also managed to land an extra place and had a Betvictor and Betfair £20 free bet again.

So that was Cheltnham, and I quite enjoyed it!


Here we are again at the end of another month, let’s see the stats.

For the month of March 2022 a betting total of £3,488.96 was made.

The Betting Total from the starting point of 17th June 2020 is £58,572.75

So I managed to beat last year by £100, and I was working full time, and still studying away on this super intense course, crazy times.

Luckily Cheltnham was good. I now know how some of the big guys are making money on it. One guy made 20k, in the 4 days! I am tempted to give it a go for next Cheltnham 2024, see what we can do for it.

Another decent month for the betting profit. Forgot that I had it the 50k mark, not to bad, some have done worse, some have done better, all that matters I think is that you’re having fun, and smashing the bookies!

Let’s see what April brings.