The Intro …

So, I just finished my first full month of doing matched betting, and I have to say, it went pretty well. Not too shabby, if you ask me!

Here is a breakdown of the life situation and software used to assist me with my matched betting journey.

In July 2020, I was working full-time during the day, and in the evenings and on weekends, I dedicated my time to matched betting. I used this software called Outplayed to assist me in my journey. It was a real game-changer, and if you want more details about it, you can read the review here.

Personal Stats: July 2020

  • Working Full Time
  • Matched betting eveings & weekend
  • Bank: £500 (withdrew my original £500 back to my bank. Had the betting profit left over as the bank)
  • Software: Outplayed (review here)

Now we know what stats I was working with lets see how the month played out as I break this down week per week. Side Note: I’m writing this in June 2023, so I’m looking back at the Outplayed Bet Tracker to see what I was doing!

July 2020: Week 1

This is a quick screenshot of the last day of 7/7/2020. The 1st of July 2020 was a Wednesday and the 7th July 2020 was a Tuesday.

During the first week, I took advantage of some great offers. Coral had this daily offer where you bet £15 and get a free £5 bet, and Betfair had a similar offer of bet £10 and get a £5 free bet. It was so cool because back then, these kinds of easy offers were more common. But hey, as I’m writing this in 2023, the times have changed, and I’ve been making even more money, so it’s all good!

I also did a few casino and betting sign-ups during that week. Overall, I made a total of £229.74 from my bets.

July 2020: Week 2

This is a quick screenshot of the last day of 14/7/2020. The 8th of July 2020 was a Wednesday and the 14th July 2020 was a Tuesday.

In the second week, I continued taking advantage of Coral and Betfair’s daily Bet and Get offers. They were my go-to sources of profit. I also signed up for a couple of new platforms to keep things interesting. I can’t give you the exact amount I made that week, as the tracker just accumulates the profit, but it added up nicely. I think it was about £100 made in that week.

July 2020: Week 3

This is a quick screenshot of the last day of 21/7/2020. The 15th of July 2020 was a Wednesday and the 21st July 2020 was a Tuesday.

Looks like it was the same as the week before. P.S the image is slighty different as it looks like outplayed only filters the month on page 1. So the first green column is the money made for the month, the second green column is the total profit made. If you filter to page 1 the total profit made is for July, then you go to page 2 and it includes June as well (just fyi)

I’m pretty sure I would have been going over the bookie signs up every day and ticking them off one by one as a I went through the sign ups.

July 2020: Week 4 & 5

This is a quick screenshot of the last day of 31/7/2020. The 22nd of July 2020 was a Wednesday and the 28th July 2020 was a Tuesday.

So this is the screenshot from the last day of the month.

It looks like I did some of the easy risk free casino offers this month, which helped add to the profit. And the standard daily Coral and Betfair bet and gets.


So, drum roll, please! £691.30. Not bad, right?

For the month of July 2020 a betting total of £691.30 was made.

The Betting Total from the starting point of 17th June 2023 is £1,142.31

And keep in mind that this total includes the deductions for the software I used!

All in all, my first month of matched betting was a success. It’s a side hustle that’s worth exploring

I don’t think I spent much time at all this month, so it was pretty decent to make that much in a month! Making that much money in a month with minimal effort felt pretty darn good, I must say! I genuinely believe that everyone should try doing the sign-ups for at least a month. It’s easy money that requires zero skill.

If you want to see the current list of software I use to make money from betting, click here.