The Intro …

Crikey, another smashing month. When you think back in June 2020 what the betting profit was, this is nuts. Glad I stuck with the matched betting!

Ok, let’s get into it!

Personal Stats: Sept 2022

  • Working Full Time
  • Matched betting part time
  • Bankroll: £30,000+
  • Pets: 8
  • Software: Outplayed (review here)

Strategy 1 – Bet and Gets

Not that many bet and gets done this month, maybe about 2 or 3% for the betting total this month? I probably should be a bit more strategic with my spreadsheets!

Strategy 2 – Each way arbing

I didn’t do any each way arbing this month.

Strategy 3 – Sign up offers

No sign up offers done this month. I do have a list of the remaining sign ups that I still need to do, I just haven’t got round to it. Really should do these!

Strategy 4 – Price Boosts

Lots of price boosts done this month!

Strategy 5 – Dutching

The main one this month again. Gotta love dutching, my fave strategy at the moment.

Strategy 6 – Arbing

A few arbs done again this month, maybe 10% of the betting profit was from arbing.

Strategy 7 – Casino

Aside from Party Poker I didn’t do much casino this month. The Party Poker stats was interesting this month. Casino EV was £945 and the casino profit was, drum roll, please, £96 casino profit! So that didn’t go too well.

That’s sometimes what happens with casino, you can collect all this ev and not making a casino profit.


Here are the stats for the month!

For the month of September 2022 a betting total of £5,496.08 was made.

The Betting Total from the starting point of 17th June 2020 is £80,895.20

Ok so matched betting wise, crazy. Still can’t believe these figures are being generated.

Anyway, more important stuff. I put an offer for a flat, whoop whoop.

So with the Retrofit Coordinator role, for the 50k, that basically wasn’t going to happen as I had moved towards that Technical Manager role and so my time was going to be better spent there. And this was basically my thinking, to help the business at this time they didn’t need the Retrofit Coordinator, but a Technical Manager so I spoke with my sister and we both agreed that the Techincal Manager was the role that would benefit the company.

Now being on 40k for my role was still awesome, but I had, had in my head what 50k would have gotten me and my brother house wise. And also what I didn’t realise was how much interest rates changes things!

So with all that swimming around in my head, me and brother had a look at the markets and went freehold flat shopping. On the second one we saw, we put an offer in, and got it for £250,000. It needs a lot doing up but it’s a cool flat. Oh and for the flat, the owners were moving abroad so there was no chain, which was good.

So there we go, offer accepted, and then the long wait to get it through the line!

I’ll keep you updated with the flat move as we go along. See you in the next one.