Hi! I’m Josh.

I’m not great at these things, but let’s give it a try!

I’m going to get a bit personal in this “about me” section. I usually keep everything to myself and don’t really like sharing much. But hey, if opening up and sharing my experiences can help someone pull their finger out and give matched betting a shot or inspires experienced matched bettors to learn a new strategy, then it’s totally worth it!

So, deep breath, here we go …

How It All Began

So, picture this—it was early 2020, and I was stuck in a job I absolutely hated. The people I worked with were great, but for the actual work I could so much better and it waasn’t where I wanted to be. I’d been stuck in this rut for four long years, desperately trying to figure out a way to earn money and feeling like I was going absolutely nowhere.

You see, back in 2015, I decided to quit my self-employed electrician business. Customers were driving me crazy, and working in cramped lofts just wasn’t my idea of fun. Plus, let’s be real, being an electrician wasn’t going to lead me to driving a Ferrari anytime soon. In my opinion the stress wasn’t worth the money, and I was young and dumb enough at 25 to make a drastic change. So, I took the leap and walked away.

Fast forward four years, and time had just flown by. But here’s the kicker—I hadn’t earned bugger all from any of the side hustles I attempted. It was soul-crushing. I started hiding away from my mates and avoiding girls because I felt like a total failure. I had nothing to show for those years. All I had done was binge-watch loads of YouTube videos, thinking I was getting wiser, and I may have been, but my bank balance was still stuck at not a lot! I wasn’t in a great place.

Then finally a glimmer of hope appeared.

It was my mate Adam, from Your Average Investor, who ended up changing the game for me. He wouldn’t shut up about this thing called matched betting. Every time we hung out, he’d keep going on and on about it. And you know what? I’m glad I finally listened. Although, I must admit, it took me a while to give it a shot. Adam had been talking about it since December 2019, but it wasn’t until June 2020 that I finally thought, “Hey, why not try it for just one month? At least I’ll make some money!” So, I caved in and signed up for Outplayed in June 2020.

And let me tell you, after that first month, my mind was absolutely blown! Outplayed was so darn easy to use, and the money started pouring in. I became obsessed!

And that’s how my money-making journey began… It was like a switch had been flipped, and I finally found something that worked. I’ll tell you more about it, but trust me, it’s been an incredible ride so far. So, grab a seat and get ready to dive into the world of matched betting with me. It’s time to turn things around and start making some serious cash!

My Experience

Matched Betting Year 1 – June 2020 to Dec 2020

For my first year of matched betting a betting total of £4,367.59 was made.

And what an interesting first year it was!

So, it was towards the end of October, and I was feeling really, really fed up with my minimum wage job. I had just turned 30, and honestly, I was feeling pretty down about where my life was at that moment.

You know those moments when you realize you haven’t really made any progress? Well, I reached that breaking point, and in a fit of frustration, I did something drastic—I quit my job. I just walked out, thinking that if I didn’t have a job, I’d be forced to figure something else out. Crazy, right?

Now, I won’t lie, it was a pretty scary move. But sometimes you just reach a point where you can’t take it anymore, and you need to shake things up. And that’s exactly what I did.

And you know what? It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. During that time, all I could focus on was “matched betting.” I had only been doing this little side gig in the evenings and weekends, earning me around £300 to £400 a month. But let me tell you, I couldn’t get enough of it. I became obsessed!

Fast forward to 2021, and things started to change. It was like a spark had been reignited within me. I felt like my old self again, and for the first time in a long while, I started to believe that I was finally getting somewhere.

Matched Betting Year 2 – Jan 2021 to Dec 2021

For my second year of matched betting a betting total of £44,358.67 was made.

You won’t believe the journey I’ve been on since quitting my job. I found myself constantly gravitating towards matched betting and soaking up all the knowledge I could get my hands on. And let me tell you, it turned out to be a total game-changer.

In January, I made a betting profit of £1,690.18. Then, in February, it jumped to £1,913.29. But hold on to your seat because in March, things really took off—I made a whopping £3,345.15!!! Can you believe it? I was finally making it happen!

And you know what? It made such a massive difference in my life. I started going out again, reconnecting with friends, and just enjoying life in general. Sure, the whole big c situation meant we couldn’t go out until March, but for the past couple of years, I was making all sorts of excuses to avoid people because I just wasn’t happy with where I was at and I would have continued doing so if it wasn’t for matched betting. This time, I finally felt like I was making progress, and I couldn’t wait to get out there and enjoy life again!

So, you’re probably wondering, what changed? What led to that huge jump in profit? Well, I’ll spill all the beans in this post here, but let me tell you, it was a combination of constantly reading forums, learning from others, and finally grasping the concepts. It all started to click!

And guess what? By the end of this year, I had finally saved enough for a house deposit! Yes, if you thought I was feeling bad, no wonder, 30 years old and still living in my bedroom at my parents house, what a sack of c**p that was. A real downer.

But 2022 is going to be the turning point for me. Incase you didn’t know, Mortgage lenders won’t except gambling money as a source of income, so it was time to find a job, get on that property ladder and leave the parents behind …. at the ripe old age of 30!

So here we go 2022, let’s see what happens next …

Matched Betting Year 3 – Jan 2022 to Dec 2022

For my third year of matched betting a betting total of £54,451.30 was made.

So after an amazing first year of matched betting full time, I got a job in January 2022.

Now, here’s the funny part. For about two months from October, I had been scrolling through job listings on indeed.com, feeling a bit frustrated because nothing really caught my attention. I kept thinking to myself, “Man, all these jobs sound like dog s**t. Why can’t mortgage lenders just give me a chance?” You know how it is.

But then, in December, something incredible happened. I stumbled upon a job posting that not only paid well, but the description actually resonated with me. And guess whose company was hiring? It was the company my sister worked for! Can you believe it? It was such a bizarre coincidence. You know I keep things to myself, so I hadn’t mentioned anything to her. But there it was, a job that I genuinely liked, and it was at her workplace. Long story short, I went for it, and guess what? I got the job! Talk about fate, right? And luckily for me, I really like what I do and there is an awesome team around me who all pull together and smash it out!

So, back to matched betting, this shifted back to being my evening and weekend side hustle, but as you can see from the betting total this year it beat 2021, and I was full time matched betting that year! That betting profit was something I was so grateful for, you can’t believe how much that has helped out!

And that’s not all. In September, something incredible happened again. My brother and I put in an offer on a flat, and it got accepted! We made a decision to move in together and use this place as a kind of pension fund. The plan is to save for another five years and then move out on our own. It’s an exciting step towards financial stability and independence.

So what a year 2022 was, lets see how 2023 goes ….

Matched Betting Year 4 – Jan 2023 to current (July 2023)

For my fourth year of matched betting a betting total of £45,388.29 has been made so far. (June 13th 2023)

Guess what? After getting our offer accepted in September 2022 we finally got the flat in Janurary 2023, woohoo! The only downside is that it’s a real fixer-upper. So, as I’m writing this, I’m still stuck in my old bedroom at my parents’ place. But hey, at least I have a place to call my own now, even if it doesn’t have a kitchen yet!

Life has been pretty much the same as last year, but now I have the added challenge of renovating the flat on top of matched betting and my job. It’s been a wild and hectic time, let me tell you. Spare time? What’s that? I barely have any these days! My gym routine has gone completely out the window.

Oh, and there’s something else I’ve been pondering for a while—this website! So here I am, giving it a shot during my quieter months in June and July. I’m hoping to create enough content to help and assist all of you.

Now, let’s get back to matched betting. Writing this, thinking way back to June 2020 when I was in a bad place, this is completley nuts. In January, I made a betting profit of £8,578.40. Say whaaaat! February, it was £6,503.28. And then find a seat to sit down on, because March was my first ever five-figure month with £10,412.77 in profit. Holy Moly!

You won’t believe the game changer that matched betting has been in my life. I mean, seriously, I never would have imagined it could have such a huge impact. It’s been absolutely mind-blowing to see how everything has unfolded and how it’s all planned out. It’s just crazy!

So I guess you’re pretty curious about what caused this crazy jump, and don’t worry, I’ll spill all the details in this post. So stay tuned!

Alright, time to crack on with creating some awesome content. I’ve shared some website goals below, and I can’t wait to chat with you again soon. Take care!

And to read further, you can view my betting reports here.

The Website Plan

Let’s talk about the grand plan for this website and what we hope to achieve.

So it’s been quite a successful journey in the world of matched betting so far. And you know what? I want others to experience that same level of success too because it has truly made life a whole lot easier. So, that’s why I’ve created this website, and I can’t wait to share all the details with you.

First things first, I wanted to document my own journey in the world of matched betting. It can get pretty lonely at times, you know? So, I thought, why not create a space where I can share all my experiences, insights, tips, and tricks with fellow enthusiasts like yourself. We can build a tight-knit community, exchange ideas, support each other, and celebrate our successes along the way. It’s gonna be awesome!

Another important reason I created bettingsidehustle.com is to prove those skeptics wrong. You know how some people think matched betting is just a bunch of “BS”? Well, I want to show them that it’s not! I want to guide and help those who are new to this whole thing, to take their first confident steps into the world of matched betting. Let’s show everyone that it’s a legit opportunity to make some serious cash.

And then there’s the other benefit. Even if you already have some experience with matched betting, there’s still so much more to explore! It’s not just about the sign-up offers. There are ongoing promotions, reload offers, and advanced strategies waiting for us to dive into them. Together, we’ll uncover these exciting opportunities, expand our knowledge, and keep reaping the benefits of matched betting beyond the initial phase.

So, whether you’re a beginner itching to get started or an experienced matched bettor looking for fresh insights, this is the place to be.

P.S And for those who are looking at my little infographics, here is the total amount so far…