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Matched Betting has allowed me to earn over 150k in less than three years. Now it’s your turn!

I’m new to matched betting


Hi, welcome to!

I started dabbling in the world of matched betting in June 2020. Since then I’ve made over £150,000 (completely tax-free) and throughout 2022 & 2023 I only did this in the evenings and weekends as I work full time!

I’m sure you can imagine how much my life has changed. I’m really happy to have found a side hustle that not only lets me do what I love, but also gives me the freedom to make my own choices and have enough money – It’s a great feeling!

I created this website for a couple of reasons:

  • One, I created as I wanted to share my journey, tips & tricks, and hopefully create a community along the way (as it can get lonely at times).
  • And two, I want to help those who are new to matched betting with actually getting started and doing it (as most people think it’s BS) as well as help those with some experience (because it doesn’t have to end after the sign ups).

If you want to learn more about my full journey click read more below…

Hi, I’m Josh! Matched Betting fanatic and now website dabbler. Hope you enjoy the website!

getting started with matched betting

Ok, if you want an extra bit money each month (like I did) then Matched Betting is deffo what you need to try for a month (you can do it!)

I’ve created a free course to move you from a complete noob, to an annoying person who, within in one month, will be telling all their friends to do matched betting, as it actually works and you’ve made a few hundred pounds!

We will cover the following and more

  • How is it risk-free?
  • How much money you need to start?
  • What you need to do to get started

advanced matched betting strategies

So, you’ve actually started matched betting and earning money from it. You understand all about backing & laying, and you’ve done most of the sign ups. Now you’re thinking this is awesome, but how can I keep the momentum going and earn more?

Well, I thought the exact same thing. So I’ve listed all the things you could be doing, along with what I currently do, and hopefully by the end of the Advanced Matched Betting Guide you can carry on earning more every month.

We will cover the following and more:

  • Advanced matched betting strategies, such as dutching, price boosts, and mug betting
  • Learn how to effectively handle account restrictions and maintain a healthy betting profile
  • Discover resources and communities where you can learn from experienced matched bettors and share knowledge

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Advanced Strategies

I’m working on something special that will be filled with Tips & Tricks for matched betting. It’ll be something for those who are brand new & want to get started with matched betting as well as tips for those who are experienced but want to learn more…

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